Breakfast Cocoa Crunchies & Protein

Good morning, world!

Here’s how I mix up a quick light breakfast when I don’t feel like cooking:

Spoon some (2 – 3 tbsp) fat free cottage cheese into a bowl. Pour on half a cup of natural yoghurt. Chop a few inch-thick slices of fresh pineapple, crush 5 cocoa beans and 5 small almonds and mix them all into the dairy. Sprinkle with a spoonful of sesame seeds and it’s ready to eat!

Dark Green Wake-Up Smoothie

If there’s one important rule to follow, then it must be this.

The one rule to rule them all:

Listen to yourself. Listen carefully. The line between “just lazy” and “really need a break” is fine but important. It applies to any detail in life. If I’m tired of something habitual and can’t sweet-talk myself into repeating what I usually do, then it must be the message from my body telling that enough is enough. A change is needed – sometimes for a moment, sometimes for good, sometimes it’s just a tiny variation I need to add. Sometimes it has to do with conciously sleeping two hours longer in the morning and skipping gym, sometimes hopping from climate zone to climate zone.

Last week I was told by my taste buds that it has had enough of Whey Protein. That’s when I reintroduced hemp. Last time I had hemp protein smoothies daily, I got fed up before the bag was empty. That’s why I started experimenting with Whey in the first place and now it’s time for a combination of the two!

I don’t mix the two, or haven’t done so far (but why not try?), but I have my two drinks a day, one of each. The Whey Protein is a teensy bit too sticky for my early-morning pre-workout taste. Hemp however tastes fibrous enough to come close to oatmeal sensation without as many carbs. Plus a strong load of fibre with my morning protein shot makes my belly do happy dance. I keep the sticky Whey Mix for post-workout hunger pang.

Here’s a taste of my 5:45am grassy green smoothie:

2 tbsp hemp protein

2 tsp spirulina powder

a pinch of ground orange peel

a few drops of vanilla essence

100ml cup natural yoghurt

50ml water

1 small banana

1 tsp sesame seeds