Hand Mold Meringue

What a beautiful dessert it is – meringue. Meringue, suspiro, baiser, besee. It’s something that everyone knows. I remember my grandmother making her pastries and how she used to parade out of her kitchen, a sweet surprise in her hands. … Continue reading


Flourless Chocolate Fudge Cake

This chocolate cake is totally worth reblogging! Snatched from Biodynamic Pastry, created by my personal pastry chef: Chocolate fondant or Chocolate Fudge Cake is traditionally made with flour. Because my girlfriend refuses to eat anything containing gluten I had to … Continue reading


Even My Yoghurt Is Homemade Now

I got spoiled with good thick yoghurt when I was living in France. Because I have trouble finding anything nearly as satisfying in the local commerce, I decided to make my own. Enough of complaining! It’s better than anything I’ve … Continue reading


The Battle of Eggs

Without any doubt, egg fight must be the reason that Estonians still celebrate Easter. It’s a traditional way of getting everyone to break their beautifully colored eggs. Dying eggs with anything at hand is the second source of fun. Since … Continue reading


Butcher That Beetroot

Cut, hack and slice! In all your excitement for butchering, don’t forget to wash the beetroot unless you like your roast extra crunchy. That is, sand dunes style crunchy. Add a mix of utterly unfancy vegetables like cabbage and parsnip, … Continue reading


Cottage Cheese Fruit Salad

I will offer this to my “Breakfast For Eight” guests. Cottage Cheese Fruit Salad 200g cottage cheese 1 big pear 1 banana 50g white raisins 50g hazelnuts 1 tbsp honey 1 long home-made muesli bar Chop, crumble and mix as … Continue reading


Breakfast For Eight

Breakfast for 8? Who on earth has 8 people sitting around breakfast table?? Challenged by a recipe in a booklet by National Health Institute, a bunch of my friends created a Facebook group to find 8 people to have breakfast … Continue reading


Chestnut Crumble (entirely gluten free)

When I tried to apologise that it doesn’t of course taste like the wheat thing, my boyfriend countered me with this question: “When was the last time you ate crumble?” Hmm, a year ago maybe? When was the laste time … Continue reading


Breakfast Cocoa Crunchies & Protein

Good morning, world!

Here’s how I mix up a quick light breakfast when I don’t feel like cooking:

Spoon some (2 – 3 tbsp) fat free cottage cheese into a bowl. Pour on half a cup of natural yoghurt. Chop a few inch-thick slices of fresh pineapple, crush 5 cocoa beans and 5 small almonds and mix them all into the dairy. Sprinkle with a spoonful of sesame seeds and it’s ready to eat!


Dark Green Wake-Up Smoothie

If there’s one important rule to follow, then it must be this.

The one rule to rule them all:

Listen to yourself. Listen carefully. The line between “just lazy” and “really need a break” is fine but important. It applies to any detail in life. If I’m tired of something habitual and can’t sweet-talk myself into repeating what I usually do, then it must be the message from my body telling that enough is enough. A change is needed – sometimes for a moment, sometimes for good, sometimes it’s just a tiny variation I need to add. Sometimes it has to do with conciously sleeping two hours longer in the morning and skipping gym, sometimes hopping from climate zone to climate zone.

Last week I was told by my taste buds that it has had enough of Whey Protein. That’s when I reintroduced hemp. Last time I had hemp protein smoothies daily, I got fed up before the bag was empty. That’s why I started experimenting with Whey in the first place and now it’s time for a combination of the two!

I don’t mix the two, or haven’t done so far (but why not try?), but I have my two drinks a day, one of each. The Whey Protein is a teensy bit too sticky for my early-morning pre-workout taste. Hemp however tastes fibrous enough to come close to oatmeal sensation without as many carbs. Plus a strong load of fibre with my morning protein shot makes my belly do happy dance. I keep the sticky Whey Mix for post-workout hunger pang.

Here’s a taste of my 5:45am grassy green smoothie:

2 tbsp hemp protein

2 tsp spirulina powder

a pinch of ground orange peel

a few drops of vanilla essence

100ml cup natural yoghurt

50ml water

1 small banana

1 tsp sesame seeds